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Tips For Editing Drone Footage

Tips For Editing Drone Footage

With more and more people entering the field of drones, it is quite common now to see drone footage from around the world. Drones have become very accessible to people now. Flying the drone for fun is just one side, but shooting and creating a professional video is a completely different story. In this article, we have listed some of the basic drone video editing tips & tricks which will help you to capture and edit drone videos in a flawless manner.

Music is a key to a great montage

The right music can set the tone of your video from the very beginning. From playful and cheerful to dramatic and suspenseful, you can help viewers experience your footage in a new way when you add audio.

Motion blur to make the film more natural

You probably have heard of this one before, because applying Motion Blur is among the most recommended tips for drone video shooters. The reason being is that motion blur makes videos look more natural and filmic, meanwhile, its absence may create a “strobing effect”.

Be careful with a long sentence

It is observed that most of drone users spend time on editing too long scenes but one needs to understand that watching one scene for a longer duration is just a boring task for viewers. Try a balanced approach so that you can maintain the interest of all viewers till the end of your video.

Output size 

You must be aware of the fact that the size of 4K videos naturally becomes very high and they will definitely demand more space in memory. Prefer to export your 4K videos with a 1080p resolution level so that they can be easily processed.

Make the grade with color

Color grading is the most time-consuming trick on the list, but it is also the most impactful one. Not only is it capable of enhancing the footage, but it does make your movie look outstanding. The color grading feature gives you the power to change the mood of the video and create a completely different picture. So, even though it takes some effort and patience to figure out how it is applied, it’s definitely worth trying because the results are always impressive.

The obvious appeal of drone video is that we get to show people some amazing perspectives through a bird’s-eye view. This results in very powerful images that add a ton of production value at a reasonable cost. I hope these 5 tips can help add fresh creativity to your videos when editing drone footage.

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