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Autel Robotics Introduces Training Programs for Dragonfish Series

Autel Robotics Introduces Training Programs for Dragonfish Series

Washington, United States, June 29, 2022 – Autel Robotics has revealed details of professional training programs that will promote safety and proper use of its drones. Initially focused on Autel’s own Dragonfish series, the training includes product and technical support knowledge, and walkthroughs of the programs that agents will use for customer service.

Operators who complete the course will receive a Manufactured Certified Operator (MCO) certification. This program is currently available to key Autel stakeholders, such as sales and dealer staff, other Autel employees, and to trainers who will train other staff.

Educating Autel Staff

Training has already begun for the new members of Autel’s Customer Service Team. This includes

a four-course online training series, "Dragonfish Ground Training," followed by in-person training

by a certified instructor. At Autel, all Dragonfish pilots must pass the Ground Training section first

to complete the instructor-led in person training. After passing both sections, the pilot is granted a

Manufacturer's Operating Certificate, which is valid for two years.

Ground Operations Training

In this lesson, pilots learn to safely and efficiently operate the Dragonfish, increasing effectiveness and reducing risks. Students learn to understand the drone’s hardware and software capabilities, they also begin learning flight dynamics and tracking controls.

Sales-focused Training

These lessons, which are still under development and review, will be aimed at Autel dealers and new Autel sales employees. There will be an additional course for dealers who plan to demonstrate the Dragonfish on Autel's behalf, which will include training on executing a sales demonstration effectively.

Engineering and Maintenance Training

In the future, Autel also hopes to provide courses for students to help them understand the internal mechanics of the Dragonfish and help guide repairs or maintenance.

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