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How To Prevent Drone Crashes

How To Prevent Drone Crashes

The worst experience a drone pilot can face is crashing or losing your quadcopter during flight. Although most camera drones have obstacle avoidance these days, but in certain flight mode such as sport mode, the avoidance will be disabled to meet some of customers' needs, especially for some veterans. For beginners, it' s better to use flight modes with obstacle advoidance, but if you really want to go with the sport mode, it's not impossible. Keep these tips in mind and i believe it will minimize drone crash.

Be Patient

I understand the urge, you have a great new flying camera or toy drone and you want to put in the air as soon as possible. Please, do not throw caution to the wind, if conditions are not right, do not attempt to fly.

Drone Maintenance 

It should go without saying that pre-flight you should inspect your drone with checks to make sure that your drone is as safe as it possibly can be before it takes flight.

Although drone rotors may appear to be tough and sturdy, they are also designed to be soft in a way that they won’t cause harm upon people or damage to objects. We would advise for you to always check each individual rotor before your flight to ensure they are safe and not damaged, if your drone has experienced any bumps from previous flights!

Be Extra Careful When Flying Indoors

When flying indoors, your drone doesn’t have access to the GPS signal which means it will be flying in ATTI mode. This can cause problems for inexperienced pilots, who incorrectly assume their drone will handle the same indoors as it does outside. When flying indoors, you should be extra careful and know how to control your drone in ATTI mode.

Fly Only In Good Weather

The first thing to consider when going out for a drone flight mission is the weather. Ideally, you will want to fly your drone on a day with clear skies, no strong winds, good visibility, no precipitation, and mild temperatures. Despite being sophisticated pieces of technology, drones are still small and light enough to get knocked out of the sky by a strong wind or get damaged by a bit of rain.

The Direction Of The Aircraft

When the drone is flying so high up in the sky it can be hard to tell, especially for the beginner pilots, which side is which and so you may easily mistake the tail end for the nose and hence misdirect the UAV. Make sure to familiarise yourself with which side is which before flying farther out.

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