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Autel Sky App Tutorials - Template Tutorial

Autel Sky App Tutorials - Template Tutorial

In the Autel Sky APP, we have themes and templates to support your creative project and make post-production easier. 

Start by opening the Autel Sky App, and selecting "Album". Click "Create" at the lower right corner, and select the Theme you would like to use. Click "Use Template" to enter the creation page, and follow the on-screen instructions to select and import video clips. Click next, the app will generate a preview video automatically. Click the video clips to edit one by one. You can trim video footage or change to another clip. After editting, you can add filters and clip end. Finally, click Generate at the top right corner, set the Video Output format, and click Confirm to generate the video. The final video will save automatically to your smart phome albums. Click Share to share the video on social media.

A great App is as important as a great drone. With the Autel Sky App in your phone, you are the movie master, quick and easy movie is in your fingertip. Hope you will enjoy the experience with Autel EVO drones and Autel Sky App!

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