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Autel Sky App Tutorials - Basic Operation

Autel Sky App Tutorials - Basic Operation

Welcome to the Autel Sky App tutorial, today we are going to show you the operation of the app.


  • Please fly in an open and obstacle-free area
  • Make sure the drone is at least 2.5m above the ground before selecting a flight mode
  • You can set the fly mode with the top left icon
Note: When flying in sport mode faster than 10m/s, obstacle avoidance will be disabled. Please fly with caution.

Use the remote control’s thumbwheel to adjust the gimbal’s pitch angle. Click the right zoom button to choose 2x or 4x zoom. Press and hold the zoom button to bring the dial. You can also zoom up to 16x. You can also use two fingers to zoom the screen in or out. Swipe out to clear the screen of icons. Swipe down to display the settings interface. You can tap the menu to switch shooting mode.

In photo mode, you can tap the setting icon to set resolution and photo modes. After choosing settings, take photos by taping the white button on the screen or clicking the button on the right side of the remote controller.

In video mode, you can tab the tap the settings icon to set the frame rate, resolution, HDR, and other modes. Tap the red button on the screen or the right button on the remote controller to take videos.

Turn on shooting while recording mode to take photos while recording video. Photos will be taken at automatic intervals. Click the album to view videos and photos.

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