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Does the EVO Lite series have a downlight filler?

There is a fill light at the bottom of the aircraft. When the lower vision system determines that there is not enough light and the ultrasonic sensor under the aircraft determines that the aircraft is too close to the ground, the lower vision fill light will automatically turn on. Users can also manually turn on/off the fill light in the app.

Does the EVO Lite series support one-key return?

Yes. When using one key to return, please set the return altitude and be mindful of the surrounding environment to avoid collision.

Does the EVO Lite series come with its own storage?
It comes with 6G of onboard storage and an SD card slot that supports up to 256G of storage expansion.
What is the difference between the EVO Lite and EVO Lite+?
The only difference between the two products is the camera. The rest of the performance is the same.
Is the EVO Lite series waterproof?
What is the maximum wind resistance of the EVO Lite series?
Class 7 (14~16.5m/s; 32~38mph)
How do I use the "mobile fast transfer" function?

1. Turn on the aircraft power supply and place the aircraft on the ground.

2. Connect mobile phone to the remote controller, operate Autel Sky App, and pair aircraft and the remote controller.

3. After pairing, open the album, select the required materials and then click the download icon to realize high-speed download.


- Please use the fast transfer function in an interference-free and unobstructed environment, away from routers, Bluetooth headphones and other sources of interference.

- In countries and regions where 5.8GHz band is allowed by law, the maximum download rate can be achieved in an interference-free and unobstructed environment. If the local 5.8GHz band is not allowed, the download rate will be limited when using 2.4GHz band for transmission.

Does the remote controllor have custom buttons?

A customizable function button is set in the upper left corner of the remote controllor, which can be customized by the Autel Sky app to set the following functions.

When you click/double click the custom button: obstacle avoidance on/off; AE lock/unlock; gimbal back to center/down; map/FPV switch.

Is the EVO Lite series' remote controller compatible with the EVO Nano series?


What photo modes does the EVO Lite series have?

Single shot, continuous shot, AEB, timer, HDR, pure night shot.
Does the EVO Lite series support zoom?
The Autel EVO Lite camera drone supports up to 16x digital zoom and 4x lossless zoom; the drone EVO Lite+ supports up to 16x digital zoom and 3x lossless zoom.
What types of shooting formats are supported by the EVO Lite series?



What are the advantages of EVO Lite's 4-axis gimbal?

The EVO Lite's camera movement can be rotated independently ±400° around the rotation axis, which allows for more abundant shooting methods compared to a traditional three-axis gimbal.

How long does it take to charge the battery?
Each battery takes approximately 90 minutes to fully charge.
What will cause the upgrade to fail?

a.If you turn off the device during the upgrade process, the upgrade will fail.

b.If you disconnect during the firmware package download process, the upgrade will fail.

c.Make sure the remaining power of the battery and remote control is ≥ 30% before upgrading.

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