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Every Thing You Need To Know Flying A Drone At Night

Flying a drone at night is never an easy thing, especially for beginners. You must be extremely careful when flying a drone at night, or you may lose your drone.

Although it is relatively risky flying a drone in dark, but it doesn't mean that it's impossible. Here are helpful 3 tips flying a camera drone at night.

Know the laws

First, you need to learn the laws and regulations of flying drones at night in your city, otherwise you may get fined if you happen to be against the law during the flight. Drone flying at day or night is legal by law rules of UK, but you still need to comply with related regulations.

Check out the area in daylight

The most important advice we would like to give you is to get yourself familair with the area you are going to fly at night. Without daylight, some obstacles in your area may seem indistinguishable. However, if you are familiar with this place, you can avoid obstacles in advance. 

Use this opportunity to limit your shooting area, plan large buildings, and determine the safe cruising altitude of your drones. When flying drones at night, there is no room for surprise.

Make sure to remove the ND filter

The ND filter is basically a filter that, placed before the lens (or dropped into a filter slot) reduces the amount of light making its way into the camera. This next tip seems like a no-brainer, but still would like to remind you, because if you do forget that, it will impact your footage in a way.

To fly a drone at night, you need to make sure your drone is strongly visualable in dark, such as bulit in a fill light just like the Autel robotics evo lite series drones.

 Among the latest realeased Autel robotics camera drones, I will recommend the  EVO Lite or the EVO Lite Plus drone for night flights. For both of the drones are equipped with fill lights.

Check the EVO Lite Series and price here.

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