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How to install the propeller correctly?

1. Make sure the aircraft is turned off.

2. Pair the propeller with the dot mark with the arm with the dot, and the propeller without the dot mark is paired with to the arm without the dot.

3. Align the propeller round holes with the motor screw holes and lock the screws tightly.

Does the EVO Nano series support one-key return?
Yes, when using one key to return, please set the return altitude and always observe the surrounding environment to avoid collision during the return.
Is the EVO Nano series waterproof?
Does the EVO Nano series support shooting RAW format photos?
Does the EVO Nano series support zoom?
Supports 1 - 16x digital zoom.
How to ensure the quality of signal transmission during the flight?
The remote controller antenna is built into the phone holder, please adjust the angle of the antenna according to the position of the drone, i.e. let the top plane of the phone holder face the aircraft, and make sure there is no obstruction between the remote controller and the aircraft.
Can the battery be carried onto a boarding airplane?
The capacity of the battery is 17.32Wh and can be carried on board airplanes according to airline regulations.
Can the battery be used in low-temperature environments?
When the battery is used in a low-temperature environment, note that the battery life will be reduced. To optimize performance in the cold, it is recommended to warm the battery up to 15 °C before use.
How long does it take to charge the battery?
Each battery takes approximately 90 minutes to fully charge.
Can I disconnect from the network to continue the upgrade after the firmware download is completed?
What will cause the upgrade to fail?

a.If you turn off the device during the upgrade process, it will cause the upgrade to fail.

b.If you disconnect during the firmware package download process, the upgrade will fail.

c.Make sure the remaining power of the battery and remote control is ≥ 30% before upgrading.


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