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Everything You Need To Know Before Taking One Click Quick Shot With Autel Drones

Everything You Need To Know Before Taking One Click Quick Shot With Autel Drones

The quick shot is shot by four shooting modes, namely fade away, rocket, orbit and flick. Theaircraft automatically flies according to the selected shooting mode and continues to shoot for a specific time. Finally, it automatically generates a short video to support continuous editingand rapid sharing in the App. Both EVO Nano series and EVO Lite series can do One Click Quick Shot.

Operating procedure

1. Ensure that the battery is full. Start the aircraft to more than 2.5m above the ground.

2. Switch the shooting mode to short film (when a different one-click short filmmode is selected, there will be the description of relevant short film), and show the shooting effect. Ensure that the surrounding has no obstacle and is suitable for automatic flight.

3. After selecting any short film mode, click “+” on the object on the screen or use your finger to select the object, and click the photo/video button, The aircraft will automatically fly andrecord video and return the starting point after the completion of shooting.
4. After shooting, click the album to view the short video, and continue to edit it in APPand share it to other social platform.
5. After user clicks the photo/video button on APP camera interface, uses the command stickof remote controller or short presses the remote controller pause button to quit theshort film shooting, the aircraft will brake and hover at current position, and the materials taken before such interruption will be saved in album.

Thins You Should Pay Attention To:

  • Please use the short film shooting in an open environment free of obstacle and blockage. 
  • Pay close attention to any pedestrian, vehicle, animal or other obstacles in thesurrounding environment to avoid the occurrence of accident. 
  • The distance between aircraft and remote controller shall maintain within 30m, and theaircraft shall be within the range of operator’s visibility. 
  • Please do not use the one-click short film function in the case of the poor GPS signal dueto building or blockage, otherwise this may cause unstable flight path of aircraft or other accidents. 
  • When using the one-click short film function, user shall abide by the local laws onprivacy right. 
In the following scenes, the vision system of Nano series will not operate normally, soit is inadvisable to use the one-click short film function:
– When the object being shot is blocked for long or located outside the range of visibility;
– When the object being shot is more than 50m from the aircraft; – When the object being shot has very similar color or pattern with the surroundingenvironment;
– When the object being shot is located in the air; – When the object being shot moves quickly;
– In a particularly dark (illumination less than 300 lux) or bright (illumination greater than 10,000 lux) environment.

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