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Drone Tips For Beginners

Drone Tips For Beginners

Drones also commonly known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) has been a prominent controversial topic for the last few years and have swiftly been adopted by the public.

Everyone wants to familiarize themselves on how to use a drone for recreational purposes among other reasons, and if you are one of those people hoping to learn this new hobby, then this article is meant for you.

1. Read the instructions first

The first thing you should do is carefully read the instructions provided with your drone. The manufacturer is responsible for providing you with all the aspects you need to know regarding the features. Don’t take this part too lightly, as it may come in handy if any problems occur.

2. Indoors or Outdoors?

One of the big questions we often hear from beginner quadcopter pilots is whether they should learn to fly indoors or outdoors. There is plenty to be said for learning indoors when it comes to the basics and improving control but there is nothing better than finding in an open space and really learning how to fly a drone.

One advantage to flying indoors for true beginners is that in certain states of the US you will need to have registered with the FAA before you can fly outdoors. In the UK the CAA (at the time of writing) have not required registration but there are laws governing certain types of drone so again indoor piloting can be advantageous to avoid law infringement.

The reality is that you will not feel like a fully fledged drone pilot until you have taken to the open skies so be sure to get registered and take your drone out to an appropriate and safe place to practice at altitude.

3. Set return to home (RTH) altitude and check GPS signal

Return to home is a mode that will make your drone automatically go back to its home location. We would definitely advise you to set the RTH function before flying your drone. This will make sure that your drone will not fly away. Make sure that you know how the function works. For information you can watch tutorials or read the manual.

Another thing you should always do is to check the GPS signal. You should only fly your drone when the GPS signal is strong, this means that no less than 10 satellites will be found, and the icon will be followed by 4 bars or more.

4. Stick to Your Skill Level

There are a ton of incredible drones out there, packed with cool features and jaw-dropping performance. If you've ever seen an Inspire series drone in action, you'd know what I mean. But before you add that item to your shopping cart, consider that there are many drones out there because they're made for different purposes and pilots. And before you ask, an Inspire is most definitely not a beginner drone!

When you shop around for your first aerial device, don't forget a few key beginner considerations. Is it easy to use? Are there features that help first-time users get in the air safely and confidently? Can you fly with simple controls, such as virtual joysticks on your smartphone?

Luckily for you, the EVO Nano Plus and EVO Lite Plus are two products that check every one of those boxes! Both are excellent options for beginners. 

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