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5 Common Mistakes To Advoid During Drone Flying

5 Common Mistakes To Advoid During Drone Flying

Drones are getting very intelligent these days. You does not need lots of skills to make a drone fly. You turn on the drone and the remote controller, and then paire them. Pull the command stick on the RC, and your drone is flying. Sounds easy, right? It's ture that making a drone flying is very easy, however, skills are needed to fly a drone. Here are some mistakes you should avoid when you fly a drone.

Mistake 1: Flying in cold weather without pre-heating your battery 

In general, flying in cold weather will drain your battery faster, so keep a close eye on it! Making sure your battery is warm enough before flight will help. It’s recommended to pre-heat your battery to 68°F (20°C) or moreIf you don’t have a battery heater, hover in place before taking off to make sure your battery warms up. 

Mistake 2: Do not check the settings before the flight

Every good pilot should have his checklist and do routine checks as part of the planning of the shot. It's like when you go on the road: check fuel, oil levels, air in the tires and operation in general. In this case, check the charge of your batteries, status of the propellers, calibration, etc., in addition to the settings of battery alerts, RTH, sensors, among others.

Mistake 3: Losing orientation

If it is your first time flying a drone, it is normal to get easily disoriented when flying in ‘normal mode’.

Many drones nowadays have headless mode that mechanically locks in flight orientation despite of its angular position. Amateur flyers are advised to learn to fly a drone in normal mode.

Loosing orientation means losing control over your drone during a flight plan. It happens when your drone is not moving to the direction you intend to fly. When your drone is facing against you, your right control stick would be turned left and vice-versa.

You should constantly keep in mind that of which direction your drone is facing, as it would give idea on your control points.

If you’re not certain about the position of your drone, then move it in the direction where you can see where your drone is facing. In this way, it would help you gain control over your drone in the entire flight plan.

Mistake 4: Flying your batteries to full discharge

Not only dangerous, but bad for your LiPo batteries. A good rule of thumb is to start your landing process at 30% and don’t let the batteries get below 20%. If you are flying a drone without a “smart” battery, use the timer on your phone to know when you will run out of juice.

Mistake 5: Ignoring Firmware updates

When the newest firmware update is published,  Autel Sky App will pop up a notification to remind you updating the firmware. If you don't update the firmware, some function may not be able to use during the flying.

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