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How to tell V1 equipment from V2

How to tell V1 equipment from V2

As many may already know, the global chip shortage has made it difficult to continue producing the first version of our EVO II, Smart and Remote Controllers, and Live Deck. This means the same equipment is being produced with two different chipsets. Knowing the difference is very important as it can affect compatibility for hardware and firmware. 

How do you tell V1 and V2 systems apart? The answer is subtle, but simple if you know where to look. 

The V1 and V2 EVO II drones are identical except for the “V2” decal printed in between the top obstacle avoidance sensors on the V2 drone. 

The EVO II Enterprise aircraft does not have a decal because it is only available in the V2 chipset. There is no V1 Enterprise. 


The V1 and V2 remote controllers are only compatible with aircraft of the same version. This is true for both Smart Controllers and Remote Controllers. 

The two remote controllers can be distinguished by their color. V1 RCs will have orange hinge caps on the bottom side of the fold-out handholds. V2 RCs have black hinge caps. You can also check the model number printed on a sticker on the back of the controller: V1 is EF7-1 and V2 is EF7-2.

V1 Smart Controllers can be identified by the silver screws and black vents on the controller’s underside. V2 controllers have black screws and red markings on their vents. 

It’s also important to note that standard EVO II Remote Controllers should NOT be used with the EVO II Enterprise Series. They operate on different firmwares; even if they work together initially, one specific update will render the drone and controller incompatible. The EVO Enterprise should only be used with a V2 Smart Controller. 


Most non-electronic parts are compatible between the V1 and V2 EVO II drones. This includes: 

  • Propellers 

-EVO II Enterprise propellers are not compatible with other EVO II drones. 

  • Batteries  
  • Chargers
  • Cameras
  • Device Cables
  • microSD cards

The Live Deck is not compatible across both versions. It is currently only compatible with V1 drones. 

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How to tell V1 equipment from V2

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