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What Are Autel Robotics Care For? Do I Need It?

What Are Autel Robotics Care For? Do I Need It?

Autel Robotics provides consumers with quality assurance services that meet the requirements of regional departments or relevant laws and regulations.

During the warranty period, our company provides free quality assurance for product problems caused by product quality defects;

Autel Robotics Care is mainly for normal use or accidents caused by users that damages the aircraft.

Why should you buy Autel Care?

Two-Way Free Shipping

Autel Robotics Care provides you with free shipping and delivery services that are efficient and hassle free.

Water Damage Protection

Autel Robotics offer water damage protection so that you can fly confidently near mountains, seas, river, and lakes. The aircraft will be replaced if it was damaged by water.

Faster Turnaround

Auter Robotics Care allows users to skip lenghty damage assessements, maintenance process and flight tests. Replacement airecraft are issued immediately after receiving damaged units, greatly reducing waiting times.

Fly Away Protection

With Autel Robotics Care, if your aircfart flies away, gets disconnected, or goes missing. You would need to synchronize flight records in AutelSky App.

Service Process 


 What models does the Autel Robotics Care program cover?

At this time, Autel Robotics Care covers the EVO II, EVO II Pro, EVO Nano and Lite series models.

What conditions does my drone need to meet in order to purchase Autel Robotics Care for it?

You can purchase Autel Care for your EVO II, EVO II Pro, EVO Nano and Lite series drone if: 

1.) you have activated the unit within 48 hours of purchase

2.) you are still within your warranty period (one year from the date of purchase)

What if I want to purchase Autel Robotics Care but it has been more than 48 hours since activation?

You can still purchase Autel Robotics Care by contacting our Customer Service team for a functional inspection. If your unit passes inspection, then you will be able to purchase Autel Care.

After my 12 months of Autel Robotics Care is up, can I purchase another year’s worth of coverage?

No, Autel Robotics Care is only available for one unit once. Once your Autel Robotics Care period expires, you cannot renew it.

Can I purchase Autel Robotics Care from the region out of U.S.A, EU or China?

Yes you can, but if your area is not within the coverage of Autel Robotics Care when using this service plan, Autel Robotics will not cover the corresponding logistic fees for your device. Autel Robotics does not cover the postage fees and taxes incurred from shipping to the customer’s area as well.

If I purchased my drone in one region but live in another, can I still purchase Autel Robotics Care?

Yes, but remember that Autel Robotics Care is region specific. For example, if you purchase Autel Robotics Care in the US it cannot be used in the EU and vice versa.

How do I go about requesting a replacement after I purchase Autel Robotics Care?

Contact Autel Robotics Customer Service

What kind of product does this replacement service provide me?

Your replacement unit will be equivalent like new in terms of performance and reliability.

How long does the functional evaluation process take on my product?

Autel Robotics will attempt to complete your functional evaluation within 2 business days from the time of receipt. Times may vary depending on weather conditions as your unit will undergo both bench and flight test.
We will use a 3 Day shipping service to return your drone to you upon the completion of the evaluation. Delivery data may vary depending on your location.

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