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6 Helpful Tips For Drone Beginners

Flying a drone is fantastic for shooting videos, surveilling your property, or pursuing a new hobby. But before you can take off, it’s important to know how to use your new drone.

If you’re looking for guidance, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our six essential drone flying tips.

Check the drone laws in your country

You have to learn about the drone laws in the city where you live in case you get fined. In most countries, you don't need to register your drone if it weighs under 250 grams. For example, if you fly the autel robotics evo nano series drones, then you don't need the registration. 

drone laws

Read the drone manual

One of the top drone flying tips is to read the manual. Although it sounds simple, many newbies don’t read the instructions or watch tutorials and end up crashing their devices.

As you learn how to control a drone, practice flying in an open field so you’re away from trees or buildings. Further, regularly check for software updates, as it will optimize your drone’s flight time and performance.

Also, get your drone serviced, as it will extend its lifespan. Get this done every 12 months, but if you’re flying a commercial drone, then book an appointment every six.

Although it’s tempting, avoid servicing your drone yourself. Like cars, knowing the anatomy of a drone requires expertise, so seek help from a professional to ensure your device runs efficiently.

All the Autel robotics drones manual can be found on our site.

camera drone manual

Take your time

Even if you’re using the best drone, you must start slow with the learning process. Instead of whizzing six miles down the road, do low-key test flights like hovering several feet off the ground. If you are taking a photo, stop, let the drone hover and get stable then take the photo. This will save you getting the rolling motion when you put the photo up on the big screen. Most Autel robotics evo drones will give you at least 20min battery life (When going pretty hard) which is more than enough to capture some incredible images. Even the evo nano mini drone allows 28min flight time.

Pay attention to weather conditions

When it comes to drone photography tips, this is a big one to keep in mind. This rarely gets thought about in traditional photography, but with drones - there are lots of weather conditions that will directly affect your images! If your drone can't handle 10mph winds, you won't be able to reliably shoot a stable and straight video clip without your drone bobbing all over the place.

This would be pretty distracting when watching your video back, so if you have the ability - choosing a different time or day would yield better results.

Autel robotics EVO Nano series has a wind resistance of level 5, which is about 19 to 24 mph. Autel robotics EVO Lite series has a wind resistance of level 7, which is about 32 to 38 mph.

Keep the drone in your sight

Keep the drone in your sight all the time. By maintaining a visual contact, you can detect possible obstacles and hazards and avoid them at all the cost.

Have a spare kit and batteries

A component drone pilot should always have a spare kit and batteries at all times. This is essential so that you can make repairs in the field and continue with your planned activities without interruptions.

check autel robotics drones fly more combo price on our site.

Hopefully, after reading our drone flying tips, you’re ready to take off. Wish you an excellent flight experience!

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