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Shot On EVO Lite+ --- Explore The 6K Video

Shot On EVO Lite+ --- Explore The 6K Video

The Autel Robotics EVO Lite + is a powerful drone that brings together many of the lessons that Autel has learned over the years, combined with familiar features that we’re seeing in most consumer drones today. The result is a capable camera drone that we enjoy flying.

The upgraded camera in the Evo Lite+ offers enhanced low-light performance, and we have to say, it certainly creates clean images, with minimal noise in dark scenes.

Watch the following video shot by the Autel EVO Lite+, i bet you will understand why this air drone enjoys millions of fans.

The perfect balance of power and portability, the Autel Lite plus camera drone can stay in the air for 40 minutes and features a host of cinematic flight modes and camera settings to further enhance its professional-grade camera. Its maximum flight range is 7.4 miles, and it has a 1-inch 20MP RGGB camera able to record in 6K.

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