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Introducing: The EVO Nano Series

Introducing: The EVO Nano Series

The EVO Nano Series is Autel’s smallest drone to date, and it packs a lot into a tiny frame. Both the Nano and Nano+ feature a host of cinematic flying modes for movie-worthy shots available at the touch of a button. These features make the Nano a great series to learn drone photography on, and its 28-minute flight time gives you plenty of time to play around with these modes, or create your own cinematic shots. The Nano is also the smallest drone series to feature obstacle avoidance cameras, so you can worry less about flying and focus more on your photography. The Nano features a 48MP camera with a 1/2” CMOS sensor, able to record 4K videos at 3- frames per second. The Nano+ is a step up, with a 50MP camera and a 1/1.28” sensor. What really sets the Nano+ apart is its RYYB color filter, which lets in 40% more light than the standard RGGB filter. The Nano+ has a professional-level camera on the smallest platform available. For more information, check out our website and find out why the EVO Nano Series is the ultimate ultra-compact photography drone.

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