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How To Check The No Drone Zones Around You --- The AutelSky App Helps You Out

How To Check The No Drone Zones Around You --- The AutelSky App Helps You Out

A no-fly zone is a geographic location over which aircraft cannot fly. These aircraft can include manned aircraft, unmanned aircraft systems (drones) or both. Depending on the area and the specific regulations, this can be for military, security, safety or privacy reasons.

What will happen if you fly a drone in no drone zones?

If you fly a drone in restrition area, you will get fined and the penalty may be steep. These fines can vary by situation from anything like a couple of hundred dollars to a thousands. But as a recreational drone pilot, you will most like be looking in the range of $400 – $2,000 for something serious(it also depend on countries laws). There may be a even worse situation if your drone is taken by officers while getting fined.

So the best way to keep your drone and money safe is to stay away from the no drone zone. You need to know where are the no drone zones around you before you decide to take off.

Now, if you own an Autel robotics drone, it's quite convenient for you to check the zones.

First, you login the AutelSky App and press the "Start" button.

Next, click the map icon on the bottom left.
And then click the map
Finally, you will see the red circles. Those are the no drone zones around you.
This article may scare you, but if you are flying recreationally at home or safe place at low altitudes then you shouldn’t have any problems. For example, you just shoot some relaxing and beautiful nighttime shots with the EVO lite series drones, or take selfies with your friends with the EVO Nano+. These are totally okay. 
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