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AutelSky App Quick Overview

AutelSky App Quick Overview

Autel Sky App integrates flying, shooting, editing and sharing functions, with the built-in simple and beautiful interactive interface, straight away flight teaching and powerful andusable new editor, to enable that the user can get a quick start and enjoy the aerial photography.

Advanced functions in the Autel Sky App

1. Camera function

  • Quick transfer

The photo and video can be directly downloaded from EVO Nano aircraft to the mobile device at a transmission rate up to 20MB/s through Autel Sky App

  • One-click quick shot

The quick shot is shot by four shooting modes, namely fade away, rocket, orbit and flick. The aircraft automatically flies according to the selected shooting mode and continues to shoot for a specific time. Finally, it automatically generates a short video to support continuous editing and rapid sharing in the App.

Fade away: the aircraft rises while moving back, and the lens follows the object for shooting.

Rocket: the aircraft rises vertically after arriving above the object, and the lens looks downthe object for shooting.

Orbit: the aircraft takes the object as a center and makes a surrounding flight at a specific distance for shooting.

Flick: the aircraft takes the object as a center and adopts the system-defined arc route for shooting.

  • Portrait Mode

The portrait mode automatically recognizes the subject through the AI algorithm and blurs the background to highlight the subject. The user can choose a different scene mode, suchas close, medium, or long shots according to the number of people.


Close: suitable for 1-3 people.

Medium: suitable for 3-5 people.

Long: suitable for 5-10 people.

2. Attitude Indicator

Display the current aircraft position, aircraft nose orientation, operator position, home point

position, and flight status parameters.

H 800m 34m/s: Vertical distance and flight speed between aircraft and home point.

D 10000m 34m/s: Horizontal distance and flight speed between aircraft and home point.

3. Map

Click once to indicate the small map. Click the small map again to switch from the image transmission interface to the large map.

- No-fly zone reminder: view the information on no-fly zone: height limit zone, etc.

- Compass: see orientation.

- Map mode: select normal, satellite, or blend layer.

- Positioning: quickly lock the position of aircraft, remote controller, or home point on the map.

- Find my drone: find the missing aircraft by activating flashing and beeping.

Both the EVO Nano series and EVO Lite series drones run on the Autelsky app.

There are more very helpful features in the Autelsky that are not mentioned in this article. For more details, you can visit our site.

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