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Autel EVO Nano Plus Killed DJI Mini2?

Autel EVO Nano Plus Killed DJI Mini2?

The DJI Mini has been the king of the Mini 2 drones ever since it was released, although there are a couple of other drones that on paper seem to be better, the Mini 2 remains the most popular sub-250g drone on the market. However, that may change as Autel have finally released their Nano series.

In this Autel Nano Plus vs DJI Mini 2 article, we shall compare the two drones and see which one comes out on top. The main difference between the Autel Nano Plus and the DJI Mini is their respective cameras and obsticle advoidance. 

Comparison Chart

Features DJI Mini 2 Autel Nano+
Size(L×W×H) Folded: 138×81×58 mm 
Unfolded: 245×289×56 mm 
Folded: 142×94×55mm
Unfolded: 260×325×55mm
Weight 239g 249g
Flight time 31 min 28 min
CMOS Sensor 1/2 inch 1/1.28 inch
Resolution 12MP 50MP
Aperture f2.8 f1.9
Video recording 4K/30fps 4K/30fps
Obstacle avoidance No 3-directional avoidance
ISO 100-3200 100-6400
Video Codec H.264 H.264 & H.265
Dynamin Track No Yes
Quick Shots 5 modes 4 modes
Transmission range 6.2 miles (10km)
6.2 miles (10km)
Wind resistance Level 5 Level 5

From the comparison chart, we can see that the EVO Nano Plus exceeds the Mini 2 in 3 features. Although the Mini 2 is 10g lighter than the Nano plus, but i believe that would not be a point to compare because these two are both under 250 gram. As for the flight time, Mini 2 only lasts two minutes longer than the Autel Nano+, which does not matter much. 

As a camera drone, the camera system, shooting settings and obstacle avoidance are very important. EVO Nano+ outperforms Mini 2 in all three aspects. The Nano plus mini drone comes with 0.8-inch CMOS while the Mini 2 has only 0.5-inch. One of the most important feature is obstacle avoidance; Nano+ has 3-directional obstacle avoidance yet the Mini 2 has none. Therefore, it's very user friendly for drone beginners.

Surely, the EVO Nano+ is more expensive than the DJI Mini 2, but it's totally worth it. 

I hope this on-paper comparison will be helpful in making up your mind if you are considering buying a sub 250g drone.

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