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PDAF + CDAF Dual Autofocus System On Autel Drones

PDAF + CDAF Dual Autofocus System On Autel Drones

In the Autel Robotics family, the EVO Nano+ and EVO Lite drones come with PDAF + CDAF Dual Autofocus System  for quicker and more accurate focus, to tracks fast-moving subjects with incredible precision. But do you really know what is  PDAF and CDAF Autofocus ?  If you don't, read on to find out.

Cameras are essentially built with sensors, a control system, and a motor. Autofocus came into the picture to resolve the blurry image issue caused by incorrect focal measurements. Autofocus technology corrects the badly focused image by being reliable on sensors to locate the correct focus.

Understanding what is PDAF

PDAF is the abbreviation of Phase detection autofocus.  Like any autofocus optical system, pdaf relies on sensors to determine the appropriate focus for manually or automatically selected areas. what is so ingenious about phase detection autofocus technology is that, in a swift operation, images are split into pairs upon hitting the camera.  PDAF works wonderfully well while trying to capture the subject in movement as it is superbly fast. Allows to capture portraits and still life photography in an incredible way. 

Understanding what is CDAF

CDAF is the abbreviation of Contrast detection autofocus. This system relies on the contrast of the image which it is received. Sensor detects the contrast of the image in first lens position, and moves the lens forward or backward to get the contrast of the image in the new position. Then it compares the first result and second result and hunts for next possible best position of the lens. Therefore, CDAF is exceptionally accurate, since it analyses every point of contrast, pixel by pixel, on the camera’s sensor.

Autel Robotics always try to provide the best drones for pilots. With the dual aotufocus system, even beginners can take great pictures like a pro.

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