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Everything You Should Know Before A Night Flight With Your Autel Drone

Everything You Should Know Before A Night Flight With Your Autel Drone

Want to experience the action camera drone’s ability to shoot spaceflight at night? Get your drone ready for night flight, Autel Robotics will provide three series of drones EVO NanoEVO Lite, and EVO II Pro, the high-end series of drones are constantly breaking the imagination, to serve your first time Drone preparing for night flight.

But what should you prepare for your night shot?

Know The Rules for flying drones at night

  • Fly for hobby or recreational purposes only
  • Follow a community-based set of safety guidelines
  • Fly the UAS within visual line-of-sight
  • Give way to manned aircraft
  • Provide prior notification to the airport and air traffic control tower, if one is present when flying within 5 miles of an airport
  • Fly UAS that weigh no more than 55 lbs. unless certified by a community-based organization

How to Take Stunning Photos With a Drone at Night?

If you have a super stable drone, a good camera mounted on a three-axis stabilizer, all you have to do now is take a good night shot.  The first thing that you need to do is switch to manual mode, so you can choose your settings. Move the ISO value down at 100 or as low as possible to have brighter picture. You also need to increase the shutter speed. To drag the most light to your photos, the shutter speed of 5 to 8 seconds is perfect. To do that, start by testing different shutter speeds, until you get the right one. It all depends on the result you want to achieve, the stability or wind in flight. You should also turn off the front LEDs on your drone, so you dont get any red ink on your pictures. White balance is also important. You can manually adjust the white balance via your camera, then adjust if necessary based on the ambient light.

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